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We help in following areas:-

(1) Demand & Supply

(2) MRTS & Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

(3) Elasticity of Demand & Indifference Curves

(4) Demand/Sales Forecasting & Cost Analysis

(5) Pricing & Output Decisions

(6) Markets (Monopoly/Duopoly/Monopolistic Competiton)

(7) Perfect Competition & Pure Competition

(8) Laws of Returns & Capital Budgeting

(9) Pricing Policies & Price Discrimination & Profit Policy

(10) PLC, PPC, IC, Isoquant, Utility Analysis, Law od EMU & DMU

(11) IS-LM Curve, Production, Land, Labor, Capital & Entrepreneur

(12) Demand Schedule & Demand Curves

(13) Cobb-Douglas Production Function